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Technical Training

There are a few jobs still out there that require no formalized technical training but they are very limited in number. They're usually rather limited in pay, too.

Today's workplace is a no-nonsense world. Competition is fierce, money is tight, and employers want employees who know what they're doing from day one.

Employers still do expect a new employee to undergo a period of training, to get acquainted with a new job and up to speed, but training periods for new jobs aren't as extended as they once were. In many cases, the job applicant who brings the most technical training to the job is the applicant who gets hired.

Perspective employers value technical training because it usually shortens the training time period and gets the new employee up to speed, maximizing productivity in the shortest amount of time possible. As we all know, time is money, especially on the job, so most employers look to well-qualified job applicants as the most valuable prospects for any position.

Technical training is an asset, too, for the job hunter. The more training and experience a person has, the better the job he or she can apply for. Better jobs usually bring bigger paychecks, less physical labor, and jobs in more comfortable settings.

Technical training is good for employees already well established with their current employers, too. We all get jobs based on our qualifications but we qualify for promotions more often when technical training is continued past the point of first-day employment. Employers value employees who voluntarily continue their educations because it does make them more valuable to the needs of the company.

The jobs are still there for job applicants with little or no technical training but they are going fast into extinction. And they're usually very low-paying entry-level jobs that require a lot of time and energy but return very little pay to the worker. Technical training can improve job prospects tremendously.

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