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Online Teaching Degree

The teaching profession is experiencing a bit of a decline in popularity that is generating the prediction of distressing shortages in years to come. To offset any potential crises in the field of teaching, many states are enhancing their teaching education programs with incentives designed to attract more students to the field.

One such incentive is with online teaching degree programs that make it very easy for someone holding a college degree to transition into a teaching career with as little time invested as possible. In such programs, the perspective schoolteacher learns the fundamentals of the education process via a computer while spending time actually teaching a real class.

With this type of online teaching degree in mind, someone with a math, science, or music major, for example, can earn a teacher certificate in as little as 12 to 18 months, depending upon state requirements, as long as they plan to teach the subject of their first degree.

State requirements for teachers do vary and the requirements for earning an online teaching degree will vary accordingly. Contact your state's board of education to learn the details that pertain to your particular state.

And financial aid is available for all perspective teachers earning an online teaching degree, as it is available to those learning in a more traditional environment. There are even some ways to gain educational funding for a teaching position and work it off instead of paying it back over an extended period of time.

For example, you may agree to use your online teaching degree working in a remote location, a school district that faces economic challenges, or in a school that is situated in a less-than-desirable location, such as an inner city where the standard of living may be questionable. Many teaching contracts for settings like these allow any student loans incurred during the education process to be forgiven if the teacher agrees to work a specific period of time in a disadvantaged location.

As with all online degree programs, be sure that any online teaching degree programs under consideration are offered by accredited educational institutions. By maintaining the same accreditation standards as a campus-based learning facility, online programs meet state guidelines for teacher certification and they offer the education and training opportunities equal to that received in a more traditional setting.

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