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Online Law Degree

While it's possible to earn an online law degree, it might be advisable to verify credentials with your state's board of attorneys before enrolling in one. Before becoming licensed to practice in a given state, you'll need to meet the educational requirements necessary to sit for the state's bar exam.

Check, too, with your state's board of education for the accreditation status of any online schools you consider, whether it's an online law degree or a degree in any other subject that is your goal. Schools of any kind with the proper accreditation status meet state regulations for licensing exams in all disciplines.

The opportunities for earning an online law degree are somewhat limited at this time as the industry is very closely regulated and upholding tradition is the backbone of the law in the first place. This isn't an area of study that enjoys as many new innovations as some other fields of study do.

If, however, it's not a full-fledged online law degree you seek but would prefer instead to become a paralegal or a legal technician or secretary, the choices are more abundant for online learning. And there's always the possibility that after working as a legal assistant for a while, law school is the next step up the career ladder.

Any time continued education for the purpose of career advancement is desired, check with the personnel or human resources office where you work. Many companies, including law firms, offer financial assistance to employers looking to expand their knowledge. And they might welcome the chance to help you accomplish an online law degree, which would probably generate the least conflict with the valued position you already hold within the law firm.

Studying law isn't necessarily as simple as that sounds and any law degree, even an online law degree, means choosing a special aspect of the law in general to focus on. After the fundamentals are learned, specialization becomes important.

The success of an online law degree may depend upon the specialty chosen. A specialty in corporate or tax law makes more sense to study online than trial law, where oratorical skills may be just as important as research and analytical skills.

The likelihood of blending traditional classroom time with studies for an online law degree may make the most sense to many perspective law students. Some things are just better learned in person, especially where debate and discussion are critical. But there are likely to be many electives and prerequisite courses that can be accomplished perfectly by studying online instead of in the classroom.

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