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Online High Schools

There's a growing interest in online high schools but earning a high school diploma this way shouldn't be considered the easy way out. It isn't. It's likely that learning online requires a great deal more dedication and discipline than regular classroom attendance does.

The option of earning a diploma via online high schools is an attractive option to many students, and their parents, but not everyone can actually make it work effectively. Any student's degree of success depends on many factors - the student him- or herself, the parents, and the online school.

Each state in the United States has its own educational requirements and standards established by the state. The District of Columbia does the same. Any online high schools that are operating in a given state must follow the same standards and regulations of all the other more traditional schools in operation within the same state. To do otherwise is to risk losing accreditation status, which means all online high schools falling short are closed for business, just as all campus-based high schools would be.

Since online high schools are a relatively new concept in the educational arena, there is still a great deal of experimentation going on to determine the best approaches to this modern form of education. Advances and new processes are being tried and perfected at all times. It's quite possible that any parent or student seriously considering online high schools will find a wide degree of variables from which to choose.

There's the possibility that some online high schools will offer flexible time schedules, allowing the student to study any time of the day or night and on weekends, if that's preferable to study during the week. Others are likely to rely more heavily on videoconferencing, which allows the student to experience the class in real time although from a remote location.

Online high schools that offer the most flexibility of schedule are likely to require the most dedication and discipline from the student. The flexibility may seem like a luxury but, if diligence isn't practiced, time can get away, leaving the student rushing through lessons at the last minute or missing assignments altogether. Either situation means a diminished return on education time and effort.

When flexibility of schedule for online high schools seems the most liberal, the role of the student's parents is likely to become stronger. Teenagers need strong role models to help them establish good study habits and time management skills in order to be a success at this form of study. In the absence of a schoolteacher and regular classroom schedule, the student is likely to depend more on his or her parents to keep them on track.

Even with the scheduling discipline required of learning via online high schools, these schools may actually be the best way for a particular student to complete the primary education process. And a bonus of doing so might just be that the student learns earlier than most to dedicate time and attention to a schedule well kept. This is knowledge that will always be rewarded later on in the workplace.

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