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Online High School

For many teenagers, time attending high school is the ultimate social experience, one where the student can enjoy hanging out with friends, participating in extracurricular activities, and having fun. Other students are less interested in the social aspects of high school and prefer instead to focus on the educational opportunity.

For the education-oriented student, online high school classes can be a tremendous way to focus on the important studies at hand and can perhaps even offer a way to advance studies to a different grade level. Some students use online high school classes to graduate early, too.

A growing number of school districts allow a student the option of expanding the learning experience by combining online high school classes with traditional classes held in person on campus. This blended approach to getting a high school education is most often offered in the larger school districts, where there is a larger variation in the needs of the individual students.

Private schools may be more inclined to offer online high school classes than many of the public schools. Even though they must meet the same accreditation standards as public schools, private schools often take a more innovative approach to education and can offer learning opportunities not found within a public school system.

Students who are home schooled may also be perfect candidates for online high school classes. Many states allow a parent to administer the required lessons to a home-schooled child but many parents find their own knowledge may be a little deficient when it comes to certain subjects, especially those encountered by students at the high school level.

Should this be the case, online high school classes can provide the appropriate learning agenda to the student while the home-schooling parent merely monitors the student's progress. It would be the rare parent indeed who has mastered all the subjects required of a high school education and has done so to the level of being an adequate educator.

One drawback to online high school attendance in lieu of the traditional classroom setting is the socializing and extracurricular activities. Many school districts limit inclusion to these events to only traditional students, leaving out the student who relies on an online education. Some teens don't mind but others miss the interactions with their peers.

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