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List of Online Schools

Anyone considering a distance learning education using the internet as the means of communication between student and instructor needs to carefully consider the options available. It's easy to find a list of online schools by conducting a simple online search but not every school found this way should be considered a viable option.

With a simple internet search, the list of online schools likely to emerge won't include schools of equal quality. Many of them are legitimate institutes of learning but others are in the business of earning income off tuition money but providing little, if any, education in return.

For a list of online schools that provide a valid opportunity for education, turn first to your state's board of education or business licensing agency. Schools of all sorts must meet state-mandated standards in order to operate within a state's legal jurisdiction and it's usually the job of the education or business licensing entity within the state's government to maintain lists of schools keeping acceptable standards.

In addition to a state-issued list of online schools, regional accreditation agencies can also point a perspective student in the right direction. In order to get a license to operate as a legitimate school, all schools must meet the standards established by regional accreditation agencies first.

Many people gather a list of online schools in order to pursue personal interests or learn more about hobbies. This form of learning is often classified as informal and the repercussions for choosing a less-than-optimum online school to pursue these interests aren't quite so harsh.

For people looking to advance a career, however, it's vital to make sure the list of online schools under consideration will, in fact, deliver the necessary education and credentials required on the workforce. Many professions require a license to practice before beginning a job and you'll want to make sure the online school of choice delivers the education required of your state's licensing bureau.

If the final outcome of your pursuit of education online is professional in nature, contact the accrediting agency for your profession to get a list of online schools that meet the accrediting agency's standards. Research and compare only the schools on this list.

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