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College is, of course, a place where students go to learn. But the student who is attending college for the education alone is very rare. Most students go to college to improve their chances on the job market.

Students attend college to learn a vocation, or line of work. They have many options to choose from when it comes to picking a specific course of study.

Some students require a four-year degree or more to accomplish their goals but many students are quite simply not interested in all that class time. They'd rather get right down to the basics of what's needed to land a decent job in their field of choice.

These students might look to the college vocational schools affiliated with a major university or community college. The study programs offered at these schools are often of shorter duration that a full-fledged university degree requires and many students looking to get to work appreciate this faster track to the work place.

There was once a time when an employee expected his or her boss had completed a university degree program but most of the rest of the staff did not have or need so much school. Training came on the job and promotions came as proficiency was demonstrated through an individual's everyday job performance.

Today, there is a lot of middle ground to cover between the employee with no formal training and the executive office. Most of those jobs in the middle require some attendance at college vocational schools to one extent or another.

Some people earn associates degrees in just two short years attending college vocational schools but others attend these schools to earn the credentials required to get a professional license from the state government where the work will take place. These certification programs usually don't last two years but they are absolutely essential before getting hired for a growing list of jobs.

Of course, not every single thing learned in college vocational schools will be required of every job. That doesn't mean time is being wasted, though. It just means the vocational student is learning something new and he may end up learning it simply for the sake of education alone. Knowledge of any kind, from any source, is never a wasted investment.

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